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About Nixd

We seriously love cocktails and have specialised in premixing and batching recipes in the bar world for many years. We’ve taken all our mixology experience and blending expertise to create a range of cocktails designed specifically for premium convenience.

We feel passionately that you should be able to drink awesome cocktails wherever you want them, so we created NIXD

About Us

We are Nick & Nick.
Nick Wall, founder of Tails Cocktails, masters of premixing, batching & imbibing cocktails, est london 2008. Nick Anderson, head of sales for Tails Cocktails, former bartender and industry expert, Mixing it up since 2001.

Cocktails in cans are so widely available and yet so bad. We decided enough was enough. Cocktail lovers deserve better. So we have taken years of relevant experience to create amazing cocktails to be enjoyed anytime, anywhere.
In 2016 we launched NIXD, the ultimate ready to drink cocktails.

NIXD Classic Mojito

White Rum, Mint, Lime and Soda
Each serve is 250ml @ 8% ABV
More recipes coming soon...

Contact us here or get in touch with Nick Anderson, Head of Sales on
+44 (0) 797 269 5029
159 Praed Street, London, W2 1RL

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